The purpose of my blog

I am starting this blog as a means of communicating with my students.

I am going to raise issues which I think are relevant, invite comments where appropriate and set tasks which I hope will allow you to develop your ideas and question what you are taught.

I want to use this blog to get you to think about some of the wider issues which won’t necessarily be covered in your lectures, tutorials or day-to-day clinical practice. I’ll highlight and comment on current affairs which are relevant to what you are studying, challenge the status quo of establishment views and get you think about what being a good doctor is all about. Invariably it will represent my views and values and whilst I don’t expect you to agree with me all the time, my hope is that as this blog develops you will get an alternative perspective of medicine, the role of doctors in society and how you begin to think about your future as doctors.

I’m not going to repeat what’s on my website so browse

My website gives you details of what I do, my research interests and other information related to my academic work.

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