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I am a Professor of General Practice at the University of Manchester and was an Associate Vice-President responsible for Social Responsibility from 2005-2013. I no longer work in University management. I am a practising general practitioner working in an inner city practice, and a teacher of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. I am also a Health Services Researcher and my research interests include patient safety in primary care, public health, racism in medicine and medical education. I am an active trade unionist.

This is an interesting discussion on privatised medicine – something that many commentators are writing about. There is no doubt that the recent NHS reforms has opened the door to private companies in a way that is unprecedented. Under the … Continue reading

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Critical Psychiatry

Those of you who want to be enticed into reading Richard Bentall’s book should listen to this short podcast produced by the BBC. I came across it by chance but it is story that is also described by Bentall. It … Continue reading

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Nhs reforms – what you should know

It will not have escaped your attention that the NHS is undergoing significant reforms. You may think that what is happening is irrelevant, but it is going to impact on the type of health service you will be working in. … Continue reading

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Mistakes that I have made

The incident that I will reflect on involved a prescribing error in a 20 year old male psychiatric in- patient. He was being treated for a respiratory tract infection by me at a mental health hospital general clinic. The patient … Continue reading

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Patient safety in primary care

One of my research interests is patient safety in primary care. Patient safety incidents are an important and widespread problem in primary care. If we use a common definition of a patient safety incident (any unintended or unexpected incident which … Continue reading

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Some pithy advice to graduating medical students

This is the edited text of a speech that I gave to graduating medical students in July 2010. Many have asked for a copy so here it is…. Three years ago I stood in front of an audience similar to … Continue reading

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