Nhs reforms – what you should know

It will not have escaped your attention that the NHS is undergoing significant reforms. You may think that what is happening is irrelevant, but it is going to impact on the type of health service you will be working in. Whilst you don’t need to know the detail (trust me it is really boring and there is a lot of jargon to understand), it is instructive to see how the debate is being constructed. I’ve posted two tweets citing articles from Ben Goldacre who writes the Bad Science column in The Guardian. He makes some interesting points about the selective use of statistics by government ministers. Check out the editorial in the BMJ that he refers to as well.

About Aneez Esmail

I am a Professor of General Practice at the University of Manchester and was an Associate Vice-President responsible for Social Responsibility from 2005-2013. I no longer work in University management. I am a practising general practitioner working in an inner city practice, and a teacher of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. I am also a Health Services Researcher and my research interests include patient safety in primary care, public health, racism in medicine and medical education. I am an active trade unionist.
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