Critical Psychiatry

Those of you who want to be enticed into reading Richard Bentall’s book should listen to this short podcast produced by the BBC. I came across it by chance but it is story that is also described by Bentall. It relates to the Rosenhan experiment, named after the research who investigated the way in which people get labelled as mentally ill. Rosenhan died earlier this year and the BBC produced a short podcast to commemorate the significance of his work. You must listen to. Here is the link

Look a the June 5th 2012 episode: The Rosenhan Experiment. A must for every student of psychiatry.

About Aneez Esmail

I am a Professor of General Practice at the University of Manchester and was an Associate Vice-President responsible for Social Responsibility from 2005-2013. I no longer work in University management. I am a practising general practitioner working in an inner city practice, and a teacher of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. I am also a Health Services Researcher and my research interests include patient safety in primary care, public health, racism in medicine and medical education. I am an active trade unionist.
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